An Irish dog abandoned in Spain

"Tigresa" aka "Biddy the Lark" aka "Barcelona Super Girl"

This is Tigresa who is currently at the Scooby refuge in Spain ( looking for a new home.

She started life as "Biddy the Lark" racing in Ireland then at some point she was exported to Spain ... presumably because she was no longer fast enough to race in Ireland.

In Spain she ran at the Meridiana track near Barcelona (now closed) a total of 213 times and between 19th March and 26th December 2004 she ran a race every 2 or 3 days ... basically she was run into the ground.

When the track closed her "owner" didn't want her anymore and she was lucky to be rescued by the Scooby refuge.

Tigresa's story clearly shows how greyhounds are heartlessly treated like commodities ... too slow for Ireland, they are shipped off to Spain (often in appaling conditions ... click here for more info on transport conditions) and sometimes even further abroad. Once in Spain they are raced intensively until they are no longer able and then they are abandoned ... the lucky ones are rescued by groups like Scooby ... the unlucky ones are killed or mutilated in horrific ways ... click here for more info on the fate of many dogs in Spain.

Tigresa is not the only one, far from it ... for info on Creggane Duchess another Irish dog abandoned in Spain ... click here . Obviously we can only document a few cases ... Tigresa and Creggane Duchess are only the tip of the iceberg ... when the Meridiana track closed in 2006 there were 600 Irish Greyhounds there ... click here for info.


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